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​Memorial movie of snowmobile tour for souvenir

Memorial movie of snowmobile tour for souvenir

Record your snowmobile tour in Hokkaido winter nature to original movie!

It is available to upload on SNS!

Fee:  \20,000

Available capacity per group: 2~5 people

Reception capacity per day: 2 group per day (Morning 1, Afternoon 1)

Duration: December 30th, 2018~February 28th, 2019

Movie length: 3~5 min.

Recording media: DVD

*Options: Additional DVD×1     500yen

              USB memory(MP4 file)  3,000yen

Recording equipment: Drone ●●●

Reservation: Please apply with your reservation of snowmobile tour.

Delivery: We sent the edited DVD to your accommodation by the night or the next morning.

Notice* Please be sure cancel the recording in bad weather condition.

Reception hours〔9:00~16:00〕

Tel  011-661-5355 (Fax  011-666-0877)

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