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As a consideration for customers traveling on a busy schedule, we will make a priority reservation.

The guide planned snowmobile to meet the customer's request, we will conduct safe and comfortable course management.

Also, Among female customers, they are against Snowmobile, There are also people who have vague fear.

The guide also plays a role in removing the anxiety and tension of customers who said so.
※ Depending on the congestion situation, it may be a joint tour with other groups.

* In the case of Yahoo! Mail, Gmail etc. free mail,
Depending on the customer's settings, there may be cases where the mail from our company does not arrive.
If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, please contact us by phone though it is sorry for troubling you.

Reception hours〔9:00~16:00〕

Tel  011-661-5355 (Fax  011-666-0877)

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