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Welcome to Snow Park in the Snowmobile Land Sapporo

Course & Rates


Banana Boat

Snow Raft

Snow Sled
(20types/Tube Sled,etc...)

Snow Shoe

Snow Igloo

Snowball Fight

Kids Area

60 minutes

120 minutes

¥1,500 / per person
Adult: ¥2,500
Child: ¥1,500
(Until 12 years old)

OPEN SEASON(2018-2019): Dec. 29th - Mar. 31st

We don't provide pick-up service for Snow Park.
And There is option menu if you join Snowmobile Tour.
Bamama Boat & Snow Raft: 5-7min ¥1,000 per person.

- Rent Gears -

(for adult only)

Ski Wear: ¥1,500

Gloves: ¥300

Boots: ¥300
SET PRICE: ¥2,000
(Ski Wear, Gloves, Boots)



Scenes from Snow Park

Banana Boat Various kinds of sled sled, tube, snowgoods, and etc


Make igloo Make igloo Various kinds of sled


Snow rafting waiting room waiting room

Welcome to Snowmobile Land Sapporo !

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