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How to access Snowmobile Land Sapporo

- Transportation from Sapporo Subway station.-

* Step 1. Take the Nanboku line from Sapporo subway station to Odori subway station.
* Step 2. Take the Tozai line from Odori subway station to Kotoni or Hassamu Minami subway station.
* Step 3. Go up to Kotoni or Hassamu Minami bus station.
* Step 4. Take the no.41(Nishino Fukui-line) bus to Fukui Entei Mae (this being the last stop).
* Step 5. Walk up the road about 200 m to Snowmobile Land Sapporo on the right.

Alternative transport is from Sapporo train Station to Kotoni train Station and from there follow step 4.and 5.

- Free Pick up Service -

* Reservation Hours between 9am-5pm daily ( reservations made the day before can use the am or pm service )
* Reservation made on the day can only use ( pm ) service.
* Morning pick up bus : 9:00-10:00 → After snowmobile tour, Drop off Sapporo city : 13:30-14:30
* Afternoon pick up bus : 13:30-14:30 → After snowmobile tour, Drop off Sapporo city : 17:30-18:00

* Feb24-Feb25/2018: 10:00-11:00 Pickup → 14:00-15:00 Dropoff Sapporo City Center


There will be other people on the bus that might do a longer trip than you.
The bus will not leave until they get back .
You might have to wait until everyone is on the bus is ready to go.

From downtown by car takes 20 minutes

- Access map -

- Subway map -

Welcome to Snowmobile Land Sapporo!

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