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A90-km mountain course set in a sea of trees, and which is the best in the nation, Snowmobile Land Sapporo

No.1 Hot pick

No.2 Cool pick

In this course, you get you reach the 600m peak of a quarry. From the summit, one can view the city of Sapporo and the sea of Japan. At the bottom of the quarry, you can have another photo for the album. The mixture of white and gray of snow and rocks portrays the beauty of nature. Not only you get to enjoy snowmobiling, you get to be in touch with nature.

The course to impress and amaze you!
Cool pick follows the Hot pick course and then ventures deeper in Sapporo's pristine backcountry.
You will see a side of Japan's breathtaking wilderness that not everyone gets to experience.
This is snowmobiling at its best.

Dec. 1st - Jan. 30th / Feb. 13th - Mar. 31st
Single 11,000yen
Double 16,500yen

Jan. 31st - Feb. 12th
Single 12,500yen
Double 18,000yen
Dec. 1st - Jan. 30th / Feb. 13th - Mar. 31st
Single 15,000yen
Double 22,500yen

Jan. 31st - Feb. 12th
Single 16,000yen
Double 24,000yen

Course change may occur due to snow conditions.

An instructor accompanies on all courses

We provide kind and friendly instruction for beginners ( no driver's licence required )
(A general rule, one rider aged 20 or over per machine).

We always try to provide private tours: One instructor for each group.
But depending on the number of instructors available on the day,it may happen that we need to combine two groups.
We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

- Safety Notice -

The steering becomes heavy when two people are riding. During the course, there are hairpin turns
and 90-degree turns, which can be dangerous. Therefore, please abide by the following rules:

1. Women rider pairs are not permitted.
2. If a man and a woman are riding together, the man must drive.
3. Driver changes must not be made in the middle of the course.
4. The passenger(riding with the driver) is half the price.
5. In a group of two, two machines are required.

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